Google Sheets

1. On your Zapier site, you can click on the + button to add action. Then, you can search Google Sheets and click on it to add it to your zap action.

2. After that, you can Choose an event from the Action Event field. For this tutorial we will be choosing Create Spreadsheet Row. This event will create a row based on the data received to our specific spreadsheet.

3. Once you already choose the event, you can click on the Continue button

4. Next, you need to Sign in to your Google sheets account and allow all of the access required for this integration

5. Once you already sign in and allow all the access required, you can click on the Continue button

6. Next, you can fill up all of the required field given. Here is some example of the complete setup :

You can click on the Show all options text, if you didn't find you parameter value when you try to insert data at your sheets.

7. Once you already complete all of the step, you can click on the Continue button

8. Next, you can try test your integrations setup by clicking on the Test & Continue button

9. Once you already click on the button and check your Google sheets had receive the data, you can activate your zap integration by clicking on the Turn on Zap button

Now your integrations is already Done!

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