To set up SMS Notifications using the AdaSMS system, you can follow the steps provided.

Before starting this setup, you need to make sure you have registered an AdaSMS account and set up the SMS message that you want to send to your customers.

1. Log in to your AdaSMS account.

2. In the AdaSMS dashboard, click on the My Applications menu.2

3. Next, click on Create new Application.

4. Enter any name in this field and click the Create button.

5. The display as below will appear. Copy your secret key.

Setup On Commerce

1. On your commerce account. Click on the Settings button and select SMS providers

2. In this field, you can just leave the Prefix section empty and make sure the secret key that is created on AdaSMS you put in the Secret token field. Click enable AdaSMS and Save.

Once done you can try to make a purchase on your website and see the results for yourself.

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