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Two steps for setting up menus by linking Page or Categories :

  1. Creating Page/Category:

Tutorial to create pages: Pages

pageBuild pages

Tutorial to create Categories: Categories


Part 1 : Create Main menu.

Log in to your account and head over to dashboard Online Store -> Menus and you will see this section.

Click on the word Main Menu. A display similar to the one below will appear. Be advised there are tabs for the Menu and also tabs for Menu Items.

Note: Pages or Categories should only be added to the Menu Items and not the Menu.

Part 2 : Create Menu Items

Click the Menu Items tab and make sure this kind of section comes out then click on Menu items.

Note: Pages or Categories should only be added to the Menu Items and not the Menu.

Next, click the "Add menu item" button. In the Title field, enter any name that represents your page.

In the link field, only enter the handle.

  • Pages: /pages/your-page-name

  • Categories: /categories/your-category-name

**Attention: Make sure you do not put a space between / and your page name. Same goes with categories.

For example:

  • /pages/your-page-name

  • /pages/<->your-page-name

There are two ways to get the link according to your builder interface:

  1. Pages: Go to Online store -> Pages -> click on the Edit button on the Page name and copy the URL.

  1. Pages: Go to Online store -> Pages-> Edit -> More -> Settings -> SEO -> copy URL.

Categories: go to Products -> Categories -> click Edit on categories -> click SEO tab copy URL

Paste the URL in Link textfield. The example are below.

Note: Please ensure that the spelling in the Link menu items that you have copied from SEO Pages and SEO Categories is the same.

Click Add button and you will see new menu list on your web.

Part 3 : Function of Drag and Drop

1 : Dropdown Menu

You can also perform the Drag and Drop function on your menu items. Simply hover the mouse pointer to the arrow icon and click to DRAG and DROP.

And then, you will be able to see the display on the menu on your website has changed.

If you want to create a header for a menu without a specific link, you just need to put a / in the Link field (1). After that, you can press the Save button (2).

Your menu display will look like the following:

The tier dropdown can only be created up to 3 tiers only.

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