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Purchase Limit

Purchase limit is a function to limit the purchase of a product according to variants.
**Note: This function is only available on the Ultimate plan.
Here are the step-by-step for setting the purchase limit.


  1. 1.
    Log in to the Dashboard section
2. Click on the Products
3. Click Add product to use the new product or you can press the Edit button on the existing product. For this tutorial, we will use existing products.
4. Click on the Purchase limit tab
5. Click on Add purchase limit
6. In this section you need to set the purchase type limit, variant, and quantity or weight.

Penerangan parameter

Use cases
Purchase type limit
You can set whether you want to limit by quantity or weight on this section.
Select variant
Product variants that you want to limit purchases to customers.
Minimum quantity/Minimum weight
Minimum quantity/weight of a variant.
Maximum quantity/Maximum weight
Maximum quantity/weight of a variant.
7. Once the setting is done press the Save button
8. In the add to cart section. If the customer enters more quantity than what they set then they cannot proceed to the checkout page because it exceeds the variant purchase quantity limit.