Bulk Arrange Shipment

In Commerce, you can process your order for bulk delivery. You can use this function only with the use of shipping providers such as Myparcel Asia, Sendparcel and Easyparcel only for now.

** These features are only available on the Ultimate plan

It should be noted that you can only do this bulk shipment of less than 8 orders at 1 time.

How to use it?

1. Log in to your Commerce Dashboard

2. Click on Orders

3. On the Orders page, you can first tick the orders that you want to process in bulk for their delivery.

4. After you tick the order, you can click on Arrange bulk shipments

5. Next, a popup will appear for you to select the shipping provider you want to use.

6. Once you set the shipping settings according to what you want. You can click Submit shipments

7. Once your process is successful you will be able to see a green successful pop-up under your screen display.

Once you get the pop-up, you can check your shipping provider's account to print AWB for the order for the packaging process and so on.

Additional Info

  • If you enable the Automatically add tracking function on your shipping provider settings, your bulk shipment pop-up display will look like this.

In the Carrier and Tracking URL section it will auto-generate based on your Shipping carriers settings.

  • For the use of Easyparcel Shipping provider, make sure that your credit in the Easyparcel account is sufficient to carry out the Bulk shipment. If it is not enough, your order that is enough to run the Bulk shipment process will still be processed while orders that cannot be processed will be included in the Unpaid order in your Easyparcel account.

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