Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager or (GTM) is a tool that allows all activities in our website to be tracked for the purpose of data collection so that improvements can be made.

For everyone's knowledge, google tag manager can contain various tracking tools such as facebook pixel, google analytic, google search console and others. There are several steps to integrate google tag manager into Commerce, namely: -

  1. Register Google Tag Manager

  2. Obtain and save GTM ID

  3. Insert GTM ID to Commerce

Register GTM

  1. Go to the following link and register using your gmail is the easiest step.

**Notes : If you are using Google Chrome and are logging in to your email, it will automatically register and be taken to the GTM dashboard page as pictured below.

  1. Click the Create Account button.

  2. Enter the requested information in the space provided.

  3. Leave the Share data anonymously with Google and others box blank. In the target section of the platform click on Web.

  4. Click the Create button and accept policy then click the Create button.

  1. Next, the display as below will come out

Get and save the GTM ID

  1. In the first box you will see your ID as highlighted below starting with GTM-xxxxx.

**Note : Save the ID including the word GTM.

Setup in Commerce

  1. Log in to the Commerce dashboard go to Online Store -> Preferences

  2. Enter the GTM ID you have saved in the Google Tag Manager field

Click the Save button and now your website is already linked to GTM.

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