To set up integration with Mailerlite, you need to get the API key and Subscriber group ID in your Mailerlite account.

For information, Mailerlite has 2 types of versions namely Mailerlite classic V1 and Mailerlite V2. In this setting tutorial, we will only teach about setting using Mailerlite V2 only.

Settings in the Mailerlite account

Create Group in Mailerlite

1. You can log in to your Mailerlite account

2. Click on the Subscribers button or text

3. Click on the Groups button or text

4. Click on the Create group button

5. Then, in this pop up you can enter the group name for your subscriber list in the space that has been prepared to be used as your reference later.

6. Once done, you can click on the Create button

Get all the required key

1. You can login to your Mailerlite account or go to your Mailerlite account dashboard again

2. Click on the Integrations button or text

3. Click on the Use button in the API box

4. Then, you can click on the Generate new token button

5. In the pop up that appears later, you can enter the name you want to assign to your token in the space provided to be used as your reference and also tick the available checkbox.

6. Once done, you can click on the Create token button

7. Then, you can click on the Copy or Download button to save your token for later use in Shoppegram. Make sure you have saved this token because it will not be displayed again after this.

8. On the same page later after you close the pop up, you can scroll down to get your Subscriber Group ID.

9. You can save that Subscriber Group ID to use in Shoppegram Commerce.

Setup in Shoppegram Commerce

1. Log in to your Shoppegram Commerce account

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Email marketing providers

4. Click on the Edit/Activate button inside the Mailerlite box.

5. Then, you can enter all the keys you have obtained in the space provided. Make sure in the API version box you have selected Version 2.

6. Once done, click on the Save button

Now that your setting is complete, you will be able to see your new customer data that will be brought into the Group Subscriber list that you created in Mailerlite.

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