COD Shipping

Setup COD Shipping

1. Click on Settings -> Shipping

  1. After clicking the Shipping button, there will be 2 zones available for editing :

    • Peninsular Malaysia Zone

    • Sabah Sarawak Zone

    Both zones can be used for editing.

‌3. Select Peninsular or Sabah Sarawak and click the Edit button and the display will appear as follows.

  1. You can determine the COD price based on 2 ways:

  • Weight Based Rates cost Shipping Rate Based On Weight.

  • Price Based Rates" cost Shipping Rate Based On Price.

Note: If you wish to make a Free Shipping functions. Click on Weight Based Rates and Price Based Rates for further explanation.

pagePrice Based RatepageWeight Based Rate

Example Setting Up Price Based Rates.

  1. Click the Price based rates tab -> Add rate

  1. A display will appear to fill in the information.



Enter your Shipping name

Minimum Order Price (RM)

Enter the value that the customer needs to reach to get the Shipping rates.

Maximum Order Price (RM)

Enter the maximum value for the rates.


Shipping Price.

Cash On Delivery (RM)

Turn on if your shipping method is using COD.

  1. Proceed to click the Add button and toggle on the Cash On Delivery (COD) option.

Toggle Cash On Delivery (COD)

For setting up two types of Shipping Methods, you can make the configuration on the Cash On Delivery toggle.

Attention: If the Cash On Delivery option is not enabled, your customers will see other payment options such as Securepay, Bizzapay, and others instead of COD.

If you want to have 2 types of payment methods, you need to create 2 types of rates:

  • Online Payment

  • Cash On Delivery.

The name of the rate can be based on each individual's creativity.

The display that will appear on your page is as follows.

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