Bump Offers

Bump Offers is a function of Commerce under marketing to increase the conversion rate of your online store. In simple language, it is to be cross-sold to buyers.

These features are only available for Premium and Ultimate plan only.

The order bump will be displayed on the Checkout section which is when the buyer fills in the information for delivery.

Examples of bump offers in Commerce:

Setup Bump Offer

  1. Log in to Commerce dashboard click on the Marketings -> Bump Offers

  1. Click on the Create bump offer button.



Name of the bump you want to create.


Headline that can attract the buyer's attention.

Products Offer

Place the product to upsell in this section.

  1. You can place as many products in this section and they will be displayed randomly to your buyers.

  2. Next, click the Save button

The process of creating a Bump offer is complete. Good luck!

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