Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a tool that allows you to monitor all activities on your website for the purpose of data collection so that the improvement of your website flow can be done.

For this Google Analytics setup in Commerce, you only need to get a Google Analytics ID to enter in Commerce.

You can refer to the settings below to get Google Analytics and enter it in the Commerce system.

Part 1: Login/Register your Google Analytics account

1. You can log in to your Google Analytics account first. You can click on this link :

2. Next you can click on the Admin button in your dashboard.

3. If you do not have a Google Analytics Tracking ID you can click on Create Property. If you already have a Google Analytics Tracking ID, you can skip straight to step 8 of this part 1.

  1. Next, you can enter the information they want as in the display below. Once you have entered the information, click Show advanced options

    • Property name: This tracking name makes it easier for you to monitor the data

    • Reporting time zone: Make sure you select Malaysia

    • Currency: Make sure you select Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

7. Next, you need to enter some information about your business for the purpose of survey and data collection as well as improvement of their system. After you have finished entering all the information you can click Create

6. Then you can enter your website name or domain in the Website URL and also create a name for your Stream name in the provided field. After that, you can click the Create stream button.

7. You can copy the Measurement ID to be placed in your commerce system later.

Part 2: Setup in Commerce

1. Log in to your Commerce account.

2. Click on Online store.

3.Click on Preferences

4. Scroll below to find the space for you to enter your Google Analytics ID.

5. In the Google Analytics ID field, you can enter the Tracking ID you just obtained in the previous Part 1 tutorial step number 8.

6. Once done, you can click Save. Your Google Analytics setup is now successful.

E-commerce Setup

The following settings are for the old Google Analytics system (using Google Analytics - Universal Analytics). If you do not have these settings, you can ignore this section.

This function allows you to enhance the reporting of E-commerce related data for your website. For setting you can refer to the setting steps below:

1. Go to your Google Analytics dashboard

2. Click on Admin

3. Click on E-commerce Settings

4. Activate toggle Enable E-commerce

5. Then activate toggle Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting

5. Once you done, click Save.

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