This will be the first thing you will see when you go to your Pages dashboard

Add new page

The limit of pages you can create on your project is based on the plan that you subscribe.

1. You can start creating/adding your new pages by clicking on the Add page button

2. After that, you can choose to use the available template or start from scratch

You can click on Choose button on any of the template that you want to use

If you want to start creating this page from scratch, you can click on the Create blank page button

Edit existing page

1. On your Pages dashboard, you can click on the Editor button of the page that you want to edit

Preview page

1. From your Pages dashboard, you can click on the down arrow icon button

2. Then, you can click on the Preview button from the dropdown

If you already publish your project, you may click on the arrow icon button at you Pages dashboard to preview your pages

If the button is un-clickable, it means your project is not yet publish.

What's more?

If you want to see the Leads that have been submitted from your specific page

If you want to integrate your page with Webhooks

If you want to do some personal settings for your existing page

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