Variants Setup

**Notice: Before you proceed with this setting, make sure you have added your product options pad first.


Setup Variants for Products

  1. Enter the name of the first Variant in the word Default for example size S.

  1. Click the Save button (You can scroll down to see the button).

  1. Next, to add more variants you just need to click the Add variant button

  1. Enter the details of the second variant for that product

1. Variant Information Explanation



The variant name for your product


The price that the customer has to pay for this variant

Compare at price

The original price of your product, before the discount, and so on. Make sure the value is higher than your price value.

Manage stock

You can activate this toggle if this variant needs to have quantity. **If not enabled, your product stock will be counted as Unlimited.


You can enter stock for this variant if you activate the Manage stock toggle. Make sure you enter the stock quantity at your default store location.


SKU is the short form for Stock Keeping Unit. You can enter the text/number you want if you want to see your sales data according to this SKU instead of your variant name.


You will need to enter a weight for this variant for later shipping.

Repeat this process for the next variant.


1. View Inventory Logs

**Note: The SKU section is for monitoring data for your product and not for updating stock.

In this section, you can view changes or track the quantity made in the product stock section.

  1. Click on view inventory logs.

  1. In this section, all changes made to the product stock quantity will be recorded.



You can change the address in this section to view the logs based on location.


Each change made will have a date recorded.


Refers to the thing you did when changing stock quantity.

Adjusted by

Refers to the person who made the change to the stock.


Referring to the latest stock value.

2. Product Stock

  1. To add product stock, you need to enter it in the space provided. You only need to click on the dropdown.

  1. After that, you can select the reason or information related to the change in your product stock.

  1. You will see the latest updated value for your product stock.

If the Manage Stock button is not turned on, your product will be considered to have unlimited stock.

  1. If you press the View Inventory Logs button, you will see a list of information regarding the changes to your product stock.


View your variant results by clicking the Preview button on the Items tab

Example of how your products will look like at your website

Additional Info

  1. Minimum variants are 1 and maximum variants can only be filled with 30 variants only.

  1. If you do the Manage stock setting on your variants, make sure you enter the stock quantity in your default store locations. Otherwise, the customer still cannot make a purchase at your store because the quantity of stock at your default store location is not filled.

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