Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel will allow you to track your customer data and behaviour on your website. Facebook pixel can help improve your website marketing capabilities and the performance of your Facebook ads.
You can create your own Facebook pixel using your Facebook Business Manager account.

Creating a Facebook pixel

2. Click on the 3 line icon button
3. Click on the Events Manager button
4. On the left side of your screen you can click on the + icon button(Connect data sources)
5. Next, you will need to click/choose the Web tab to mark it and click on the Connect button
6. After that, you can click/choose the Facebook pixel tab to mark it and click on the Connect button
7. Once you click on the Connect button, you can just click on the Continue button
8. Next, you can type your Facebook pixel name at the Name your pixel field. This will act as your reference only.
9. Once you already fill up the Name your pixel field, you can click on the Continue button
10. After that, you will see a new pop up where you can just click on the X icon button to close it
11. Under your Facebook pixel name that you just created, you will see your own Facebook pixel ID that you will be using for your integration with Pages

Connect with Pages

1. You need to log in first to your Pages account
2. Click on the projects that you want to use with Facebook pixel
3. Next, you can click on the Settings button
4. At the settings page, you can paste your Facebook pixel ID at the Facebook Pixel ID field
5. Once done, you can click on the Submit button to save your settings
Now your Facebook pixel ID is already been integrated with your Pages site.