Bulk Fulfillment

What is Bulk Fulfillment?

If you are a Premium User and above, you can use this Bulk Fulfillment function to manage orders more easily, quickly, and quickly.

  1. Bulk Fulfill helps you to update your order management with just a few clicks

  2. Bulk Fulfill allows you to "export" your order to CSV File (Excel Format) dynamically according to your convenience and requirements

  3. Bulk Fulfill helps you change the status of your order with one click without having to make the process one by one.

Change Order Status with Bulk Fulfillment

You can change the order status using the Bulk Fulfill function all at once. You just need to tick or select the order and then change the status of the order.

Among the fulfillment status that can be changed are as follows:

  1. Change to Awaiting Processing

  2. Change to Processing

  3. Change to Ready for Pickup

  4. Change to Completed

How to change Fulfillment Status to Completed

1. Dashboard Commerce --> My Orders --> All

2. Tick ​​on the order you want to change the fulfillment status. Then Click on Fulfillment Status and select "Change status to Completed"

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