Build pages

A Page is a place to fill in information such as Contact Us, About Us, Testimonials, and others.

  • Pages can also be used as landing pages / sales pages.

  • This is because Pages do not have a predetermined design such as images, buttons, and others.

Add New Page

Log in to the Commerce Dashboard and go to the Online store -> Pages and click the Add Page button

  1. Insert page name and save.

  1. You will be taken to the Builder page, where you will make any edits you want.

  1. Refer to the picture below, to make settings on the page you have created, you can press the More button.

Settings in Page Builder

Settings - There are three parts, Page, SEO, Redirect.

Setting Description


There you can edit the Page name and set whether the Page is to be displayed (Published) or hidden (Hidden).


You can change the URL link of your Page and also the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings. For reference, see this link.


You can bring customers to another page that you want if they enter the link/URL of this page.


Import JSON

If you want to get the JSON for the landing page, you can refer to the tutorial at this link.

Delete Page

You will delete the Page you created along with everything in it.


You will create a copy of your original Page. **Note: If you turn on the Toggle Page Builder content, you will copy all the content of the original Page to the new Page copy.

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