Tutorial setup for Lekirpay Payment Gateway

Lekirpay Registration Account

Click on this link http://app.lekirpay.com/validate?referralid=RL000316 to register your Lekirpay account.

For Lekirpay account registration process, you will be required to :

  • Have your own SSM.

  • Current Bank Account.

Account verification, fees, and transactional funds, they are fully managed by Lekirpay.

Getting all required Key from Lekirpay Account

To connect Lekirpay with Commerce website, you will be required to obtain several keys for verification process. The keys that will be required are ID, Lekirpay and Lekir-signature Token.

To start setup Lekir Payment Gateway, kindly follow this guide :

  1. Log in into your Lekirpay Account

2. Next, on the Lekirpay Dashboard, click on Tab Account

3. Then, you will see your API , click on the text API, you will see there a three crucial keys will be required later which are ID, Lekirpay and Lekir-signature key.

You will be required to save the three keys for next steps. Keys you need to save up are :

  • ID

  • Lekirkey

  • Lekir-signature Key

Commerce Setup

To setup payment gateway Lekirpay in Commerce, you need to activate the payment gateway and insert the three keys in your payment gateway setting.

  1. Log in into your Commerce account.

2. Next, click on Settings tab.

3. Then, on Settings page, click on Payment Options button.

4. On Payment Options page, click on Activate/Edit button on Lekirpay payment gateway tab.

5. You will be redirected to Lekirpay payment gateway setup page.

6. You will need to key in three keys which are ID, Lekirpay and Lekir-signature Key.

7. After that, you can click Save to save the setting.

If you want to perform a real transaction, kindly deactivate the Test Mode toggle

Website View Example

After completing the setup, you can try do a transaction or a purchase on your Commerce Website and view the result for yourself.

Congratulations, your setup for Lekir payment gateway is done!

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