Category Products

Category Products is a place where you can enter products into the category you want.

You can also sort the products according to your own preferences.

Below is an example of the use of the product sorting function according to the most expensive price.

Set up Category

1. Go to the Commerce dashboard section.

2. Click on the Products section.

3. Click on the Categories section.

4. Select any category you want. For example, here we choose the category Shoes.

5. Click on the Category products section. Here is a list of products available in this Shoes category.

6. In the Select product section, you can select any product that you want to include in this category.

7. Next you can choose how to organize your products in the store. Click on SORT BY and select according to your convenience. For example, here are the products arranged according to the most expensive price (Highest Price).

Sort By Functions:

The following are the options available in the SORT BY function:

Additional Info

You can also use the arrow icons to arrange your products using the drag and drop method.

Select SORT BY Manually and hover the mouse pointer over the arrow icon and click to DRAG and DROP

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