Wholesale is a function for you to create a cheaper price promotion if the customer buys the product according to the quantity that you set.

This function is only available on the Ultimate plan.

The following are the steps for setting up this Wholesale function.


  1. Log in to the Dashboard section.

2. Click on the Products section

3. Click Add product to use a new product or you can press the Edit button on an existing product. For this tutorial, we will use an existing product.

4. Click on the Wholesale tab

5. Click on the Add wholesale button

6. In this section you need to set the Wholesale promo you want for this product.

Parameter explanations

This Wholesale pricing can only include as many as 5 levels/tiers in 1 product.



Display your Wholesale promotional price tiers.


The minimum quantity a customer needs to purchase to get your Wholesale promotional price.


The maximum quantity a customer needs to purchase to get your Wholesale promotional price.


The price the customer will get for the quantity of 1 product if they buy within the quantity range you set.

  1. To add a price tier, you can click on the Add Price Tier button

  1. If you want to delete the price tier you have already created, you can click on the trash can icon button.

  1. Once the setting is done press the Save button

  1. Once done, it means that the customer will automatically be able to buy the product at the price you set if the product purchase quantity is within the range you set. For Hartamas, Solaris and Tampin themes, this Wholesale table display will be visible in the product page itself.

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