This tutorial is for those who have problems with the use of DNS by domain providers.

Each domain purchased has a section called Nameserver for us to give access to platforms such as Cloudflare to manage our DNS.

Part 1: Value A Record and CNAME Record

1. You can log in to the Commerce Dashboard.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Custom domain.

4. Click on Add existing domain.

5. Later you will be able to see a popup that has a value for your A record and your CNAME record.

Setting up CNAME in domain provider.

1: If the CNAME value is, enter that value in the CNAME record field in your domain provider.

2: If the CNAME value is @, enter your domain name in the CNAME field in your domain provider.

You need to save the Value for A record and the CNAME record for you to enter in your domain's DNS record in the domain provider's system later.

Part 2: Cloudflare Registration

  1. Go to the following link Enter your email and password to register and click Create Account.

  1. Enter your purchased domain name from your domain provider. Then, click Add Site.

In this section, you need to enter the domain name without www.

  1. Next click on Free Plan and click Confirm Plan.

Part 3: DNS Setup

Wait until the display like the picture below comes out.

If there are any DNS records that are different from the settings below, you can delete all of those records and refer back to the settings below.

If the value of the DNS record is the same as the display below, you can just ignore the settings below.

1: A record settings:

  1. For the A record settings, you can select the A dropdown and enter the information in the corresponding fields:

    • Type: A

    • Name: @

    • IPv4 Address: A Record or (Value in Section 1)

    • Proxy Status: DNS Only (**Note: Make sure the cloud icon is gray)

    • TTL: Automatic / 1 Hour

    After completing the settings, click the Save button.

2: Setting up CNAME Record:

  1. For CNAME Record, select the CNAME dropdown and enter the information in the fields:

    • Type: CNAME

    • Name: www

    • Target: Your purchased domain name or (Value in Part 1)

    • Proxy Status: DNS Only (**Note: Make sure the cloud icon is gray)

    • TTL: Automatic / 1 hour

    After completing, click the Save button.

  1. When you have finished making the settings, the display you will receive is as follows:

3: Nameserver Setting

  1. Next in the Proxy Status column, there is an orange cloud (Proxied) icon.

Click on the icon to change it to gray (DNS Only) and click Save. Do it for the A record and also the CNAME record.

  1. Then click Continue.

  1. After clicking Continue, the display as below will appear. Click Continue by default

  1. Then there will be a nameserver from Cloudflare that you can use in your domain name provider.

  1. Log in to your domain name provider's account and delete the nameserver on your domain provider. Replace with Cloudflare nameserver that has been provided as shown below :

  1. After you replace the nameservers click the Done button, check nameservers.

If you encounter any issues with changing your nameservers, you can contact your domain provider for assistance in making these changes.

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