Import JSON

Now in the Page Builder section of Commerce, you can use the JSON import function. This means you can use existing templates. Here are the step-by-step instructions for importing JSON into Page Builder


  1. Log in to the Commerce dashboard section.

2. Click on the Online Store

3. Click on Pages

The route to go to Settings -> Import JSON.

This section depends on the individual Builder interface.

Default Editor: WYSIWYG

1. Select the Pages you want and click Edit

2. Click on Edit with Builder

3. Click on the More button and select Import JSON. Keep in mind you can only import .json format files.

Default Editor: Builder

  1. Select the pages you want and click Edit.

  1. Then you can press More -> and Import JSON.

So, the process of importing your JSON file has been completed.

Default Editor Setting

To view your Default Editor whether it's WYSIWYG or Builder, you can go to:

Dashboard Overview -> Settings -> General -> Default Editor.

Note: If you do not see the Default Editor, then your Default Editor is Builder.

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