Order Fulfillment

You can send a tracking number for your customer's orders. Your customers will get information about this order automatically via their email.

To begin this setup, there are three (3) important steps you need to do:

  1. Make sure the "Require email and phone number" function in the Settings (Checkout) is ON

  2. Make sure your Shipping Carriers have been added in the Settings (Shipping Carriers) section.

  3. Manual key-in Tracking Number of the customer in the Order section

Step 1: "Require email and phone number" function

Log in to your Commerce Dashboard then click on Settings -> Checkout -> Email -> Turn ON "Require email and Phone Number"

Step 2: Add Shipping Carriers

Click on Settings-> Shipping Carriers-> Click Add Carrier-> Enter Carrier Name (Example: Ninja Van, Express Post etc)-> Enter Tracking URL-> Save

Step 3: Inform the customer

This determination can be done after you receive an order from a customer who has entered into your Commerce website.

Go to the My orders section and click on the Customer's order.

To do this, you need to do it one by one on each customer and order that has been received.

Click My Orders-> Awaiting Processing-> Click "Order"

Add tracking to notify customers

Click More -> Add Tracking as below:

Enter the Tracking Number and select your Carrier -> Press Save

Enter the Tracking Number and Carrier

After you save, your customer will automatically receive an email confirming the delivery information regarding their order and the tracking number for the order.

You can change the status of the previous order from "Awaiting processing" to "Completed"

Now it's done, your customers have been automatically notified via email.

Order Status


Awaiting Processing

Order is waiting to be processed by the Seller/Vendor.


Order is in the process of being packaged, shipped to the courier company, and related tasks.

Ready for Pickup

The order is ready to be picked up by the customer at the seller's store (option - Pickup on delivery method). **Note: The Shipping Method Pickup function and order status can only be used on the Ultimate plan.


Order has been successfully delivered to the customer.


The order has been packed by the seller and is just waiting for the courier to pick it up or the seller to send it to the courier office.

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