**Important: The maximum setting of Options is only 3 in 1 product.

**Important: If you delete all the Button/Dropdown/Swatch type options in the product, the system will also delete all the variants you have created in the product and only leave the Default variant.

Product Options is the section for making variations that have sub-variations.

For example, a shirt design has many sizes and each size has many types of sleeves or colors.

See the example below:

Size and Sleeve Type are Variations (Options), and XS, S, Short, Long are Sub-Variations (Variants) in Options.

Options settings

  1. Log in to Dashboard Products -> All Products and click on your product name

  1. Click on the Options tab and Add Option. Enter your options, for example, in the case of clothes there is a Size option. Next, in the Type column, you can choose the option you want to use for this product. When finished click the Add button.

There are 7 types of options that you can choose from, namely: Button, Dropdown, Date, Datetime, Swatch, Input (Text) and Textarea.

For the Button, Dropdown and Swatch option types, it will be set as Required and cannot be changed because it is an option type that needs to be determined by its variant value. Whereas, for the option types Date, Datetime, Input(Text) and Textarea, you can change whether you want it to be required or not.

  1. The display will appear as follows. This means your first option has been successfully created. Next, click the Add option button again to add the Sleeve option.

  1. When finished adding the second option, the following display will appear. This means you have successfully created two options for 1 of your product.

Option value settings

  1. Then, you can click on the Option Size and enter the value/text in the option you want for example for Option Size such as XS, S, M and L in the Add new value column.

  1. Make sure that for each added option value, you click on the Save button or click Enter on your keyboard to save the setting.

  1. Next, you can repeat the steps above to add another Option value for Option Sleeve Type.

  1. Once you have finished adding the Option and Option Value you want, you will get the display as below.

Variants settings


For information, for every option value that you have added in that option, the system will automatically generate variants for the values ​​that you entered in that option.

For price changes, product stock and so on you need to do it on the page in the Variants tab.

  1. You can go to the Variants tab. You will be able to see all the variants that have been automatically generated by setting the option value that you have previously set.

  1. You can click on any of the variants tab to change the Price, Stock and other settings for the variants.

For setting the Inventory refer here.

  1. Once you have finished making any changes to the settings, make sure you click on the Save button to save the settings.

  1. The display on the Product Page will be like this.


1: View Inventory Logs

**Note: The SKU section is for monitoring data for your product and not for stock updates.

In this section, you can see the changes or trace the quantity made on the stock part of the product. 1. Click on the View inventory logs.

2. In this section, all changes made to the product stock quantity will be recorded.



You can change the address in this section to view the logs based on location.


Each change made will have a date recorded.


Refers to the thing you did when changing stock quantity.

Adjusted by

Refers to the person who made the change to the stock.


Referring to the latest stock value.

2: Product Stock

  1. To add product stock, you need to enter it in the space provided. You only need to click on the dropdown.

  1. After that, you can select the reason or information related to the change in your product stock.

  1. You will see the latest updated value for your product stock.

If the Manage Stock button is not turned on, your product will be considered to have unlimited stock.

  1. If you press the View Inventory Logs button, you will see a list of information regarding the changes to your product stock.

Additional Information

  1. If you delete/remove all types of options (Button/Dropdown/Swatch) whose variant values ​​are determined in your product, all your variant settings will also be deleted/removed from the product and the system will only leave the 'Default' variant on the product.

  2. You can organize the display of variants on your website by using the drag & drop sort function on the Options tab page.

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