Footer Menu

There are 2 steps to make settings in the footer menu.

  1. Creating Page/Category:

  • Tutorial to create pages: Pages

pageBuild pagespageCategories
  1. Creating a menu for page/category.

The tutorial are skipped to the step two. If your page or categories are not yet created you can refer to the link above.

Log in and go to Online Store > Menus

Click on Add Menu and type Footer menu in the textfield Title. Be sure the spelling are correct for both capital and small letters. Click save.

The footer menu after created should be like these. Click on Menu items tab.

The display on Menu items tab.

Next click the Add menu item button In the Title field enter any name that symbolizes to your page.

In the link field, only enter the handle. Example as shown below:

  • Pages: /pages/your-page-name

  • Categories: /categories/your-category-name

**Attention: Make sure you do not put a space between / and your page name. Same goes with categories.

For example:

  • /pages/your-page-name

  • /pages/<->your-page-name

There are two ways to get the link according to your builder interface:

  1. Pages: Go to Online store -> Pages -> click on the Edit button on the Page name and copy the URL.

  1. Pages: Go to Online store -> Pages-> Edit -> More -> Settings -> SEO -> copy URL.

Categories: go to Products -> Categories -> click Edit on categories -> click SEO tab copy URL

Paste the URL in Link textfield. The example are below.

Note: Please ensure that the spelling in the Link menu items that you have copied from SEO Pages and SEO Categories is the same.

Click add and new footer menu will be displayed at the bottom of your page.

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