For information, this integration will only sync product name changes and stock changes that occur between your products on the Shoppegram and Loyverse platforms. Do note that if you make changes to the variant name in Loyverse it will not affect the variant name in Shoppegram.

Every variant that has the setting "Unmanage stock"(except for products that only have 1 "Default" variant) when brought from Shoppegram to Loyverse will display a value of 0 in Loyverse.

To enter your products from Shoppegram into the Loyverse system, you can refer to this tutorial:

  1. Log in to your Shoppegram account.

  1. Click on Loyverse

  1. Click on Products

  1. Then, in the highlighted area as shown below, you can select the products you want to enter into the Loyverse platform.

  1. After you click on the column, you can continue to search or just click on the product you want to sync with the Loyverse platform.

  1. Once finished, you will get a display like the display below. Where every product you sync can be seen.

Delete products

If you want to delete the product from sync on the Loyverse platform, you can just click on the trash can icon button. This setting will cause this product to no longer be seen on the Loyverse platform but will still be maintained on the Shoppegram platform.

Additional Information

You can also manage the sync management of this product through the product page itself on your Shoppegram dashboard.

  1. You can click on any product you want to manage.

  1. Then, on the Items tab, you can click on the Edit button

  1. 1 popup will come out, for you to tick or untick the Loyverse toggle. If you tick it means this product will be synced with the Loyverse platform. Meanwhile, if you untick the toggle, it means that this product will be removed or not synced again on the Loyverse platform.

  1. Make sure that for every change you make, you click the Save button to save the settings.

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