COD payment

Setting Global Rates

**Attention: Before you continue with this tutorial, make sure that your products are in the Global Rates state.

You can go to:

Dashboard Overview -> Products -> Choose Your Product -> Edit -> Shipping -> Global Rates (On) / Requires Shipping or Pickup (On) -> Save.

Part 1: Setup COD Payment

1. Log in to the Commerce Dashboard -> Settings

2. On the Settings page, click Payment Options

3. On the Cash On Delivery (COD) option, click Activate then the Activate button will change to Edit.

4. Click the Edit button

5. Make sure the display is like the picture below. Enter the information in the space provided.

  • Fill in the information in the form of instructions, reminders, or information on the "Additional Details" form.

  • The information filled in this section will be displayed on the "Checkout Page" when the user wants to make a purchase. See figure Reference 5.2

  • For example "Barang sampai baru bayar".

So this information will be displayed before the complete order.

This "Payment Instruction" form will be displayed on the "Thank You" page after the user clicks the "Complete order" button. See figure below.

**Attention: Make sure the "Enable" box is marked and continue to press the "Save" button.

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