Tutorial for Payhalal Payment Gateway

Payhalal Account Registration

Click on this link to start registering your Payhalal account.

To begin registering your Payhalal Account, you must ensure you do :

  • Have SSM

  • Current Bank Account.

Account verification, fees, and transactional funds, they are fully managed by Payhalal.

Get all the required keys for the Payhalal account.

To connect Payhalal with the E-commerce website, you will be required several keys for the verification process. The keys needed are the App key and the Secret key.

To set up the Payhalal payment gateway, kindly follow these steps:

1. Login into your Payhalal account.

2. Sign-in email and password used during registration.

3. Then, on the Payhalal Dashboard, you will see the menu on the sidebar. Click on General.

4. After that, you need to go to the Developer Tools and Create App to get the App Key and the Secret key.

5. After that, you need to key in all the required information.

  • App Name: You can put it as My App

  • Website: This is Optional (Not compulsory to be filled)

In the App setting section as below you need to make sure you use the URL https://subdomain of your Shoppegram website which has been given for free by Shoppegram during the registration of the Shoppegram account.

You can find your subdomain URL in the following section: Dashboard Overview Shoppegram -> Settings -> Custom domain -> Subdomain

For example, the subdomain link that you will use later is like this: Make sure every available URL setting space uses the subdomain link and follows the given format. You can copy the link below and place it in the App you have created.

6. After you have done this, click Save changes.

7. Then, you will see several crucial data which are App Key and Secret Key. You can click on both icons highlighted in the red box to view and copy the keys to be put in the Shoppegram Commerce settings.

Commerce Setting

To set up the payment gateway Payhalal in Commerce, you need to activate the payment gateway and insert both keys the App key and the Secret Key in your payment gateway setting.

  1. Log in to your Commerce account.

2. Then, click on Settings, and click on the Payment Options section.

3. You can click on Activate / Edit on the Payhalal payment gateway.

4. After that, you will be required to key in App Key and Secret Key that have been copied from Payhalal.

If you want to perform a real transaction, kindly deactivate the Test Mode toggle.

Website View Example

After completing the setup, you can try to do a transaction or a purchase on your Commerce Website and view the result for yourself.

  1. You can choose the Payhalal payment option as your payment gateway.

Congratulations! Now setup for your Payhalal is ready and successful!

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