Configuration Error

You have an issue with the Purchase data on the ads manager account not the same as the actual order on the website?

There are 2 main reasons this error can occurred.

1. Inaccurate data track

Many people use Purchase Count in ads manager to track purchases. Actually, this method is less accurate.

To acquire the accurate purchase data in the ads manager, you have to use UNIQUE purchase data. Unique means, Facebook will only take data from the purchaser whose IP address is unique. Even if the customer refreshes the thank you page many times, unique purchase events are still counted as once because they are from the same IP/individual.

2. Pixel problem

Additional Scenarios

There are still many who incorrectly installed or incorrectly setup Facebook Pixel. How to troubleshoot?

  • Go pixel manager events, test events. Enter the website URL. Run one standard event at a time from entering the homepage, add to cart / initiate checkout until purchase. If all events are detected normally. Your pixels are OK.

Standard events trigger more than once / duplicated?

  • If this issue occurs, check on Pixel settings -> Event Setup -> Make sure you OFF "Track events automatically without code" This is a setting that causes the issue of excessive data that is purchase in ads manager more than the actual purchase and it will interfere with the original code to track standard events.

Pro tips: If you want to test the pixel using the chrome extension pixel helper, make sure to disable the AdBlocker (if there is one).

Troubleshoot Facebook Pixel

If you have issues with your Facebook Pixel where your data is not tallying correctly, you can refer to the tutorial link below for troubleshooting steps:

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