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Shoppegram X Atome Promo Package

MDR (Transaction fee): 6% + RM 1 Fixed Fee

Refund Fee: 2% + RM 1 Fixed Fee

Cards acceptance: All Banks + Visa/Master/Diners/UnionPay/ApplePay

Credit Approval Rate: Debit RM1500 / Credit RM5000

Credit Terms: 3 Months

Payment cadence: T+3 Business Day

Online integration fee: Waived

Category accepted: Fashion, Beauty, FnB, Home n Living, the rest are subjected to approval *6% SST is applicable

Only valid via this form.

Account verification, fees, and transactional funds, they are fully managed by Atome.

Setup in Commerce

Once you have obtained the API key and Password information for the Atome payment gateway integration with your Shoppegram Commerce account, you can go to this section to enter the information:

1. Log in to the Shoppegram Commerce dashboard

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Payment options

4. Then, you need to scroll down on the Payment Options page to click on the Edit/Activate button on the Atome box

5. Next, you will be able to see this page

6. You can enter the requested information in their own column and make sure you have clicked on the Enable toggle (Make sure it is blue).

If you want to perform a real transaction, kindly deactivate the Test Mode toggle

7. Once finished, you can click Save

Now the Atome payment option selection will be visible on the Checkout page of your website.


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