One-Time Offers

OTO is a short form for One-Time-Offer where you can create a special offer to a customer only once when they make a payment.

Typically, offering more expensive products in this section can indirectly improve the conversion rate.

This offer if missed means your prospect will no longer be able to turn back to get it.

These features can only be used for users Premium and Ultimate plan only.

Example of One-Time Offer

OTO will be displayed after buyers enter their data on the Checkout Page.

Setup One Time Offer(OTO)

  1. Log in and go to Dashboard Marketing(1) -> One Time Offers(2) and click Create Offer(3) button.

  1. Enter the required information. After finished, click the Save button.



Information that symbolizes your offer so that it is easy for you to refer.


Headline to attract the user's attention to continue reading.


Details about your offer.

Product Offer

Select the product you want to offer for once only.

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