There are 3 parts to this setup:

  • Part 1: Get the value for A record and CNAME record

  • Part 2: Setup in Godaddy

  • Part 3: Setup in Commerce

Reminder: Make sure your domain has been purchased and is ready for setup. If you purchased a ".com" domain, you can continue to follow this tutorial.

If the Malaysian domain is like ".my,," you need to setup your DNS records in your MYNIC account or you can contact your domain provider to make the changes.

Part 1: Value A Record and CNAME Record

1. You can log in to the Commerce dashboard

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Custom domain

4. Click on Add existing domain

5. Later you will be able to see a popup that has a value for your A record and your CNAME record.

Setting up CNAME in domain provider.

1: If the CNAME value is, enter that value in the CNAME record field in your domain provider.

2: If the CNAME value is @, enter your domain name in the CNAME field in your domain provider.

You need to save the Value for A record and the CNAME record for you to enter in your domain's DNS record in the domain provider's system later.

Part 2: Setup in GoDaddy

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and go to your product page.

2. In the Domain Manager column, you can click on the domain for which you want to set the DNS record.

3. Scroll down to the Additional Settings column and click on Manage DNS.

4. On the DNS Management page, in the Records section you can click on Add.

Setup for A record

  1. On the DNS Management page, in the Records section, you can click on Add.

  2. You can choose A from the Type options for that menu.

  3. You can enter the information they request for setting up your A record:

Setup for CNAME record

  1. Click Add again and select CNAME from the Type options.

  2. You can select CNAME from the Type options for the menu field.

  3. You can then enter the following information for setting up your CNAME record:

Once done you can click Save. Below is the display for you finished domain setup in GoDaddy.

You will need to wait within 48 hours to make sure your setting is readable. During this time, your website, email, and other domain services will also be disrupted.

You may refer for Propagation Period

Propagation Period

You only need to wait for a period of 48 hours for the setting to be read and your domain can be used before you make a Custom domain setting in Shoppegram.

The shortest time your domain can be used is within 1 hour. If not, you need to wait for a period of 48 hours to 72 hours. You can check the status of your domain propagation through the link we provided (

Additional information:

To ensure that your DNS has been pointed to your Commerce, you can check your DNS here and make sure that the displayed DNS is your own IP number.

  1. To check your DNS: You can click this link: Check your DNS here or

In the A record dropdown, you can enter your domain name without the www.

  1. Referring to the image below, to check if your domain has propagated.

You can enter your domain name (including www if you have set up CNAME record in your Domain Provider) in the provided field.

Part 3 : Setup in Commerce

  1. Log in to the Commerce Dashboard -> Settings(1) and click Custom Domains(2).

  1. On this Domains page, click on the Add existing domain button.

  1. In the space below, you need to enter your domain name without www.

  1. When you have successfully entered your domain, the display will change as below:

**Note: If there are no issues, the team will take 30-60 minutes to activate your domain.

  1. If your Custom Domain is ready and can be used, an example display like the following will appear.

The words "Connected" and "SSL activated" will turn green. This condition will only occur if all the settings that have been made are correct.

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