In Commerce, you can enter orders manually into your dashboard, if there are customers who make purchases, not through your website.

1. Log in to your Commerce dashboard

2. Click Orders

3. Click Drafts

4. Click Create order

5. Select the date you want the order to be created.

6. Once you have finished selecting the date, you can click Save

7. You can select existing products on your website through the Find products tab ...

If this product is not on your website, you can only enter a special product for this order only via the Add custom item button/text

After you click the button/text you will see a pop-up as below for you to fill in your product information.


Enter the name of your special product. Make sure it does not exceed 50 letters.


You can enter the number of products purchased by the customer


You can enter a price value for the product

8. You can select existing customers via the Find or create customers tab

If you have not yet created an account for your customer, in the dropdown you can click Create a new customer to create your customer.

9. You can enter the shipping value for this order if it is in the Shipping field

10. If you want to enter a note for this order as your reference. You can only enter your note in the Add a note field. When done make sure you click Save

11. After completing all the settings, you can click Mark as pending if the customer has not yet paid for this order or you can click Mark as paid if the customer has already paid for this product

Once completed, you will be able to see your draft order.

If you want to process this order for shipping, you need to click Edit in the Shipping address section and enter your customer's shipping information for this order.

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