Landigram Subscription

At Landigram, you can manage your subscription plan yourself. To manage your Landigram subscription plan, you need to access the pricing page. You can refer to the steps below:

Access the pricing page

  1. To manage your subscription, go to: Dashboard Overview -> Pricing.

  1. On the page below, you can turn on the Monthly or Yearly toggle to view subscription prices for Monthly or Yearly.

  1. After that, you can click the Subscribe button and will be taken to the payment page.

  1. On this page, you will be asked to enter some information.

    • Add Promotion Code: If you have a promotional code, you can enter it in the provided field.

    • Pay with card: You are asked to enter your card details in this field.

    **Note: When you successfully make a payment, please note that you agree to auto-deduction (i.e. automatic deduction when your subscription ends).

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