Tutorial setting up Omnisend

To set up Omnisend, you need to obtain an API Key from Omnisend and enter the key you have obtained into the commerce system.

Login to Omnisend account

  1. You can log in to your Omnisend account here or at this link:

Get Omnisend API key

  1. You will be taken to the Omnisend Dashboard, you need to click on the top right and the dropdown that is there.

  1. Next, you can click on Store Settings.

  1. Next, you can click on the API keys.

  1. Put the name of your API in this field and select "This API key will only allow to add new customers".

  1. After that, you can press the paper icon to copy the API Key to be entered into the ecommerce system.

Setup in commerce

  1. Go to Settings from the Dashboard Overview.

  1. Next, you can click on the Email Marketing Provider.

  1. After that, you can click the Activate button to enable Omnisend and click Edit.

  1. After that, you need to enter the API key that you have obtained from Omnisend into the provided field. You can also add a Tag.


  • Tag - Used to place registered customers into the group you desire.

  • If you want to enter more than one Tag, you can place a comma in the Tag. Example: Marketing1,Marketing2

  1. Make sure to turn on the Enable toggle to use Omnisend.

Congratulations! Your Omnisend setup is now complete.

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