Product Setup

To add your product to the Commerce system, you can upload your product first.

Part 1 : Upload Product

1. Log in to your Commerce account -> Click on Products -> Add product

2. You will be taken to the product pages. Here you need to enter your product details such as:

1 : Product Information



Your product name


Description of your product (Such as size, color, etc.)


Categories for the product (By default our system will select a featured category for each new product you create)


The promo price of your product or the price that your customer will play during checkout

Compare at price

The original price of your product

Manage stock

You need to enable this function if your product has a certain quantity.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

You can use this function if you want to monitor the performance of your product using SKUs instead of variants names


Enter the quantity of your product at your Default store location (If you enable the Manage stock function)

Edit locations

You can click on this text if you want to turn off this stock at certain locations


Make sure you enable this function so that your product will be visible on your website.

Require Shipping or Pickup

Disable this function.


If you want to hide your product from customers and only share the product with certain people you can enable this function.

When done you can click the Save button

Part 2 : Inventory

1 : View Inventory Logs

**Note: The SKU section is for monitoring data for your product and not for updating stock.

In this section, you can view changes or track the quantity made in the product stock section.

  1. Click on view inventory logs.

  1. In this section, all changes made to the product stock quantity will be recorded.



You can change the address in this section to view the logs based on location.


Each change made will have a date recorded.


Refers to the thing you did when changing stock quantity.

Adjusted by

Refers to the person who made the change to the stock.


Referring to the latest stock value.

2 : Product Stock

  1. To add product stock, you need to enter it in the space provided. You only need to click on the dropdown.

  1. After that, you can select the reason or information related to the change in your product stock.

  1. You will see the latest updated value for your product stock.

If the Manage Stock button is not turned on, your product will be considered to have unlimited stock.

  1. If you press the View Inventory Logs button, you will see a list of information regarding the changes to your product stock.

Part 3 : Product Image

Once you have entered your product details, you can upload a picture for that product.

The supported image file extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and webp only.

1. To insert a picture you can click on Images.

2. Next, click on Add image and upload the image you want. You can upload as many pictures as you want.

(Best size for product: 1000px X 1000px | Best image size: Under 200kb)

3. Once you have successfully uploaded your product image, the Uploaded popup will appear on the screen.

If you want to arrange the product picture you can drag the arrow button and arrange the position of your product picture.

Part 4: Adding Files for Digital Products

1. To enter files for your buyers to download your digital product, you can click on Files.

2. Next you can insert the files URL by clicking on Add file

3. Later, the display will appear as follows. You need to enter the details of the file:

  • File name: File Name

  • File URL: Link files for your Digital Product.

Part 5 : Digital Product Variants

You can set up file variants for your digital products. If you set it to:

  • All Variants: Your customers will receive all files placed in the Files section.

  • Specific Variant : Files will be given to the selected variants.

Part 6 : Product Label

If you want to have a label on your product (refer to the image below), you can refer to the tutorial below:

pageProduct Metafield

1 : Additional Information

** Note: Please Enable Free Shipping on the Shipping Tab because digital items do not require shipping.

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