From your project Settings page, you can:

  • Change the name of your project

  • Add description to your project to improve your SEO

  • Add Facebook Pixel

  • Add Facebook Pixel Access Token for you Conversion API setup

  • Add Facebook Test Event Code for your event testing

  • Setup your custom domain/subdomain

  • Insert your subdomain name/path

  • Publish your project

  • Delete your project

Access settings page

1. From your Pages dashboard, you can click on the Settings button to access to your project settings page.

Change project settings

Here is the full picture of what changes you can add/change for your project:


Use cases

Project name

You can change your project name from this field.

Project description

You can add some description for your project. This can help improve your project SEO.

Facebook Pixel ID

You can add you own Facebook pixel ID from this field.

Facebook Pixel Access Token

You can add your Facebook Pixel Access Token from this field. You can use this field if you want to setup Conversion API.

Facebook test_event_code

You can add your Facebook Test Event Code from this field. You can get the code when you do some test events for your Facebook pixel. Make sure you delete the code after the test events.

Site URL Settings

Here you can decide whether to use your own Custom domain or use the subdomain that is being provided by Pages.


If you decide to use Pages subdomain, you can fill up this field with the url name/path that you want for your Pages site.

Publish project

If you decide to publish your project, you can tick on this toggle. If the toggle is on blue colour it means it is active.

For every changes that you made, you need to click on the Submit button to save the settings

Delete project

You can delete your project by clicking on the Delete website button from your Settings page

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