For product bundle setting, it is only available in the Ultimate subscription plan.

This features can be used on Hartamas, Tampin and Solaris Themes.

Part 1: Adding Product Bundle

To start adding a product bundle, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shoppegram account -> Click on Products -> Click on Bundles.

  1. Click on the "Add Product Bundle" button.

After that, you can proceed to set up the product bundle settings that you desire.



Your product bundle name.


Brief description of your product bundle.


The category set for your product bundle.

Select products

Products that will be included in your product bundle.


Display name of your product.


Display of your product variant names.


Display of your product quantity. Refer here.


Display of your product's original price.

Bundle Price

Setting the bundle price for your product.


Make sure you enable this function so that your product can be viewed on your website.


If you want to hide your product from customers and only share it with specific people, you can enable this function.

1 : Quantity

Quantity settings are divided into two types, Fixed Quantity and None (the Fixed Quantity box is not checked).

  • Fixed Quantity - The quantity of products with Fixed Quantity has been set and cannot be changed. If a bundle price is set, the products will be sold at that price. For example, if the quantity is 3 and the bundle price is RM10, then 3 products will be sold at the price of RM10.

  • None - Quantity can be changed according to customer needs.


Every product bundle that you have created can be accessed through:

  1. Login to your Shoppegram account -> Click on Products -> Click on Bundles.

If you click on any product bundle, you will be able to see 3 tabs for settings, which are:

1 : Items

In this setting, you can make changes to your product bundle setting.

2 : Images

In this setting, you can add images to your product bundle.

The supported image file extensions are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and webp only.

3 : Categories

In this setting, you can make changes or additions to the category of your product bundle.

Additional information

With the product bundle function, there are several scenarios that you can do, including:

pageBuy 3 for RM 100pageBuy 2 Product 1 PricepageBuy 1 Bundle and Clearance

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