Based on Country

In Commerce, has a country-shaped function that you can use to create delivery methods for countries outside of Malaysia.

To set shipping for each country, it can be done by adding a new Shipping Zone.

Setup Country

1. Log in to your Commerce account.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Shipping

4. Click on the Add Shipping Zones button

5. Enter any name that represents your Zone Name. For example, you can enter a country name.

6. Select the country you want.

7. Click the Save button

** For shipping arrangements for Brunei you can make a district selection once.

Now your zone has been successfully created and click the Edit button on that special zone.

Setup Rates

8. Next click on the Weight based rates tab

9. Click Add rate

Fill in your special delivery information in this field.

In this Name section, if possible, fill in a little more detail, because this information will be displayed when the customer makes a delivery choice later.

In the Minimum weight and Maximum Weight sections you can enter the minimum and maximum weights for those rates.

Enter the price you want in the Price section.

Once done, you can click the Save button


During the checkout process, fill in the shipping information. Customers will be able to select the country for shipping that you have set.

If you do not set Shipping for that country, then during the country selection the customer will not be able to see the selection for shipping to that country.

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