SEO Snippet

For SEO, in fact, regular users do not need to care deeply because everything is automatically provided by Commerce.

However, Commerce has also provided built-in features to make it easier for more knowledgeable users to configure themselves how these snippets will be displayed on pages in search engines.

Briefly, SEO is referred to as Search Engine Optimization which means Search Engine Optimization. Where the setting of this SEO will determine the position of your website when the search is made on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.

One of the ways search engines rank a website is through Keywords. For example, someone who logs into Google will type in the word Infrared Thermometer.

So search engines will look for websites that have the word infrared thermometer, if a website does not have this word it means it will not be displayed in the search.

Therefore it is important that we include all the relevant keywords in this SEO snippet by Commerce.

In Commerce, SEO snippets can be found inside each product. Click on Products -> Product Name -> SEO

By default, this field will be generated automatically based on what we fill in the product title and description.

Consider the example below, where the blue text is the Title and below it, the black text is the description snippet.

So to further increase the chances of our website in the top position is in the Description section in SEO Commerce you need to enter the keyword infrared thermometer.

When done, click the Save button. Now your SEO Snippet has a brighter chance of being in the top position in Search Engines

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