SMS Provider

In Commerce, you can connect your website with the SMS Provider system such as:


Before starting the following settings, you need to set the SMS message notification that will be sent first.

  • These features are only available for Premium and Ultimate plans only.

  • SMS/Notifications that can be sent to customers are only Order confirmation, Order shipped and Order ready for pickup for now.

Additional info

For users who have been using the Commerce system for a long time, you need to click make the Restore to default setting first to use this function.

On the Order Confirmation -> SMS page, you can click the More -> Restore to default button

Setup in Commerce

1. Log in to your Commerce account.

2. Click on the Settings tab

3. Click on the Notifications tab

4. Click the Edit button on the Order Confirmation tab

5. Click on the SMS tab

6. In the Content field, you can enter the text/message you want to send to customers after they make a payment on your website.

7. Once done you can click Save

8. You need to make sure that the Order Confirmation is in the Enable state. (Make sure it's blue)

Once done, you can make the settings of the SMS notification system of your choice.

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