What is Zapier?

Zapier is a product that allows end user to integrate with the web applications that they want such as Google Sheets, Mailerlite etc.

How to connect Zapier with Pages?

1. You can start by Log in to your Zapier account

2. Next, you can click on the Create Zap button at your Zapier dashboard

3. On the Editor page, you can type Webhooks at the Search field and click on the webhooks to put it inside your Zap.

4. For the Trigger event, you can set it as Catch Hook and click on the Continue button

5. Next, you can click the Copy button on your Custom Webhook Url field to copy your webhook Url so it can be used for the integration with your Pages site.

6. Once you had copy the webhook url, you can go to Pages webhook page and click on the Add webhook button. You can just paste the url at the Callback Url input field and click Save

7. Once your webhook already been created at your Landigram site. You can head back to Integromat to connect your webhook with another apps.​

How to test your webhook?

1. You can fill up your form first at your Pages site to trigger the webhook that you already setup.

2. Next, you can go to your Zapier site and click on the Test trigger button

3. Once you click on the Test trigger button, you will receive the data that you already fill up from your form at Pages site. After you already confirm that you receive the data, you can click on the Continue button

How to connect your webhook with another apps?

Connect with Google Sheets

pageGoogle Sheets

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