Based on Zone/Poskod

In Commerce, there is a function in the form of a postcode that you can use to create a special way of delivery for a specific area in the form of a postcode. For example, you might want to create a COD in a specific area that is in a specific zip code only. This can be done by adding a new Shipping Zone.

Postcode Setup

Log in to the Commerce dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping and click the Add Shipping Zones button (

Enter any name that symbolizes your Zone Name.

Select the relevant state.

Finally, enter the postcode of the area where you want to make a special delivery for that postcode.

If there are many postcodes, you need to put a mark "," between the postcodes for example 47100,47190,47180

Click the Save button

Now your zone has been successfully created and click the Edit button on that special zone.

Setup Rates

Next click on the Weight based rates tab Click Add rate

Fill in your special delivery information in this field.

In this Name section, if possible, fill in a little more detail, because this information will be displayed when the customer makes a delivery choice later.

Since this is special shipping so you need to create a special weight category that does not overlap with any shipping rates available in other Zones.

Enter the price you want and if this is COD tick the Cash on Delivery (COD) box. If not, there is no need to mark it, leave it blank.

Click the Add button

The setting that was set earlier is. If the postcode placed is listed in the purchase by the prospect then it shows the COD Chendering Sahaja zone.

If the postcode entered is not in the list, then no option for COD will come out.

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