In this page you can manage orders from customers, get sales reports in csv format and also view customer order information.

1. To access this page, you just need to log into your Shoppegram Commerce account.

2. Then, you can click on the Orders button/text

Additional Information

Every order that enters the Shoppegram Commerce order management dashboard, you will be able to see where it came from. For example, the display below shows orders coming from various platforms.

Here we include a brief description of each logo:

1. Globe Logo - Orders with this logo usually come from organic traffic. It means that the customer directly enters your website without going through any of your advertising campaigns or other social media platforms.

2. Facebook logo - The order with this logo comes from the Facebook platform.

3. Instagram logo - The order with this logo comes from the Instagram platform.

4. Youtube logo - The order with this logo comes from the Youtube platform.

5. TikTok logo - The order with this logo comes from the TikTok platform.

6. Google logo - The order that has this logo comes from a search on the Google platform.

7. Google Plus logo - Orders with this logo come from your Google Ads advertising campaign.

8. Telegram logo - Orders with this logo come from the Telegram Channel/Group/Personal message.

9. Wordpress logo - Orders that have this logo come from a Wordpress page.

For Shoppegram users who want to do manual tracing for purchases that go into their own website, you can add UTM source to your URL/website link/express checkout.

For example, here we want to trace to the Facebook platform so that later on the dashboard we know that the order came from the FB platform and the icon that will be visible will also display the FB logo: http://hartamas.myshoppegram.com/cart/2648:1?utm_source=facebook

You can also trace to other platforms that are allowed such as:

PlatformLink UTM Source











Google Plus








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