COD 1 Click Payment

Now your customers can checkout with just 1 click. Especially for the purchase of COD bypass shipping page and payment page with just one click.

**You must disable all shipping zones

**These features are for Premium and UItimate Packages only.


1. There is only shipping method COD only

2. COD must be free (RM0)

3. COD payment enabled

4. Product shipping must use global rates


1. Go to your Commerce Dashboard

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Checkout

4. Tick ​​on the setting Skip shipping & payment for COD

5. Once done click the Save button


1. Customer fills in the information, press continue.

2. The system will continue to skip to the Thank you page and trigger the purchase.


  • Conversion rates increase

  • 100% guaranteed 0 abandoned checkouts.


  • Customers may make a mistake/typo in the information

Pro tips to increase the conversion rate

1. Customize the continue button with the appropriate sentences.

2. Enable checkout by phone only and integrate order confirmation via SMS to reduce the return rate.

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