Free Shipping

To set a Free Shipping discount code, you can follow this tutorial:

1. Log in to your Commerce Dashboard.

2. Click on the Marketing tab

3. Click on the Discounts tab

4. Click on the Create discount button

5. Later you will be taken to a page where you can fill in your voucher code information.



You can enter your promo name (Customers will not be able to see this name)

Discount Code

You can enter the code you want customers to enter so they can use this promo.

Discount type

You can set it to Free shipping

Applies to

You can choose whether you want to set for specific countries, specific states or entire countries.

Minimum requirements

Here you have 3 options, either, you do not want to set any requirement ("None") for the use of this discount code or you want to set a requirement based on "Minimum purchase amount" or "Minimum quantity of items".

Customer Eligibility

Here you can set whether you want the discount code to be used only for "Specific customers" or for all your customers "Everyone".

Active dates (+08:00)

Here you can set the date for this discount code can be applied on (Start Date) or you can also set the end date for the use of this discount code on (Enable ends date)


Make sure you leave the Active button in the active state (Blue) to make sure your code discount function is active.

6. Once done you can click Save and try to use the voucher on your website.

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