To use Stripe please make sure you have created a Stripe account first.

Account verification, fees, and transactional funds, they are fully managed by Stripe.

Get an API key on Stripe

1. Stripe account registration can be done at:

2. To get the live key you can find it on the dashboard or just click this link:

3. Once you get the Publishable key and Secret key you can save the key for setting in Commerce.

Webhooks settings at Stripe

There are 2 types of webhooks that you need to enter in the webhooks settings of your Stripe account, namely: 1. 2.

You are required to replace the with the URL of your own website which has been given for free during the registration of your Shoppegram account.

You can find your subdomain URL in the following section: Dashboard Overview Shoppegram -> Settings -> Custom domain -> Subdomain

You can refer to examples of setting webhooks below:

  1. In the Stripe dashboard, you can click on the Developers -> Webhooks section. You can also click on this link directly:

  1. Next, you can click on Add an endpoint/Add endpoint

  1. Next, you can enter one of your unique webhooks store URLs in the Endpoint URL section. For example here, we have entered this URL first:

  1. Then, you can click on the Select events button

  1. Once you can see the event selection display, you can search for events that have the name Payment Intent and you can click on the event.

  1. Then, you can tick Select all Payment Intent events first.

  1. Next, you can untick checkbox payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated and payment_intent.partially_funded settings

  1. Once done, you can click on the Add events button

  1. Once you make sure your settings are correct, you can click on the Add endpoint button

  1. If you are taken to this page, you can simply click again on the Webhooks button

  1. Later, you will be taken back to the Webhooks page and you can see the endpoint setting you just made earlier. Next, you can repeat the steps above and enter the second endpoint/webhooks URL.

Once finished, you should have 2 endpoints/webhooks URL as shown below:

Setup in Commerce

1. Log in to your Commerce account.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Payment options

4. If you have not enabled the payment option for Stripe. Click the Activate button in the Alternative Payments for Stripe section.

If you have enabled the payment option for Stripe, click the Edit button.

5. Next will appear the display as below, you can fill in the information:

  • Display name at checkout: Enter the name of the payment you want (Example Online Payment)

  • Publishable key: Enter the Publishable key you already got in your Stripe account.

  • Secret key: Enter the Secret key you already got in your Stripe account.

6. Once done make sure you have clicked Enable and click the Save button.

If you want to perform a real transaction, kindly deactivate the Test Mode toggle

7. After Save you can make a purchase attempt on your website to see the Stripe payment option during checkout for the setting that you just set just now.

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