Categories can be used to sort your products according to their respective criteria.

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For example:

On your website, you sell gadgets and clothes. So you can create clothing categories and gadgets on your website.

Categories can also be used for you to organize your products on the homepage of your website. You can refer tutorial on Category Products :

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Setup Categories

1. Log in to your Commerce account and click on Products -> Categories

2. Next click on the Add category button

3. Later, the display will appear as below and you can enter the name of the category you want. (Example: Gadget) When done you can click the Save button. (Make sure the category is Published)

The categories setup on your website is completed.

Upload products into categories

Before you continue this tutorial make sure you have added your product first and save the product.

1. On the Categories page, you click on the category that you just created in the previous step.

2. Next you will be taken as shown below. You need to click on Category products

3. After you click the Category products you can click Select product and enter the product you want to be in the category.

Arrange the products

If you want to arrange your products so that they look neat.

You need to click on the category that you set to be displayed on your homepage as well as the one that contains all your products and go to the Category products section.

1. To sort products you can drag the arrow button to sort your products.

You can see the results on the homepage of your website.

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