Weight Based Rate

Setup Free Shipping Based on Weight Based Rate

1. Login to your Commerce account.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Shipping

4. Click the Edit Button in any zone where you want to apply this Free Shipping setting.

5. Click on Weight based rates

6. Click on the Add rate button

7. A popup will appear as shown below.

8. You can enter the details you want according to your promo. In part:

  • Name = Enter the name of your promotion

  • Minimum order weight (kg) = Enter the weight of the product that the customer needs to achieve to get the Free Shipping

  • Maximum order weight (kg) = Enter a max value (100000)

  • Price = Let the value be 0

9. Once done you can click the Add button and check the Free Shipping promotion that you have set earlier.


Upon completion, the display that will appear on your checkout section will be like the display below.

Additional Information

Attention: Make sure your setting on Weight Based Rate is not the same as Price Based Rate to avoid conflicting values in your Shipping Method Page as shown in the picture below.

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