To start the setup you are required to register as a user on the Invoigram platform. For registration can go to this link :
1. After registering an account, log in to the invoigram account
2. Clik on Settings
3. Click on Webhooks
4. Click on Create a webhook button.
5. In this section you are required to enter a name in the field. For this tutorial the invoigram will be connected to the Shoppegram platform. So we will choose Shoppegram on the platform part. Next, enable "Automatically send invoice to email" if needed and click Save.
6. Then click on Edit button
7. Copy the URL of the webhooks that are linked to the Shoppegram platform.

Setup in Commerce

1. Log in to your Commerce account.
2. Click on Settings > Webhooks.
3. Click on Webhook.
4. In this section you are asked to select Order Paid in the state option. For the name you can enter any name and in the URL field paste the URL that you have copied from the Invoigram earlier and click save.
5. The invoice will only be generated when the order status on Shoppegram changes to paid. If your customers make payment options online. The status of the order is directly set as paid. With that you will receive an invoice on your Invoigram platform.
Last modified 1yr ago